• Cyber waterproof is a special product with completely new waterproofing technology that is currently on the market. The product is constructed in places with high humidity, elasticity (100%) and flexural (>3600), durable with ultraviolet rays, good chemical resistance, prevent damage from outside lips into the inner structure. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use on horizontal floor surfaces and vertical walls.
  • Specializes in waterproofing for special construction works, for wet locations such as drinking water tanks, basements, roof floors, flower beds, vertical walls, adjacent slots between two houses, toilets, swimming pools. As a flexible join for concrete, bridge and road floors and sealing joints, expansion joints, slits, plastic, ceramics, aluminum and glass…
  • Adhesion to all surface materials need moisture, waterproof. Between small crevices, applu on both soundproofing surfaces, running paths, tennis courts, badminton, swimming pools…
  • On horizontal floors, vertical walls, partitions and basements, badminton, swimming pools…
  • Onboard ships need reverse waterproofing, in humid environments.


  • Cyber adheres to all material surfaces, is a simple and easy to use waterproofing system, with no additional construction costs but the highest efficiency.
  • Concrete expansion coefficient is at least ¼ of the thickness of the floor. Meanwhile Cyber has a coefficient of expansion of up to 100% of the total length of the waterproof membrane and twice the thickness of the film. Should the waterproof membrane when the concrete floor or wall is stretched, cracked is absolute (dry film thickness 0.31mm).
  • Cyber has the ability of waterproofing, in contrast has the ability to moisture, waterproof water compartment with high water pressure, weather harsh climate.
  • Continuous film under the principle of time and temperature, high permeability and adhesion, large elasticity and elasticity, heat resistance in environmental conditions up to 200oC without deformation, easy construction of difficult corners and edges.